10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

A popular motto is, “Money can’t buy happiness.” But really, money can make your life royal. Even if you don’t wear the king’s crown on your head or sit with the courtiers in the royal court, you can feel like royalty if you spend money, even if it’s just for one night. And this feeling can be given by the world’s most luxurious, as well as the most expensive suites of expensive hotels. Today I am sharing the list of the 10 most expensive suites in the world, in which you have to spend 30 lakhs to 80 lakhs for a single night stay!

10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World
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1.The Palm’s Empathy Suite

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The most expensive hotel suite in the world was not even in the top ten of the list of most expensive hotel suites even 2 years ago. 690 million dollars have been spent in the last two years to refurbish this suite at the Palm’s Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. This hotel suite designed by British architect Damien Hirst is now like a heavenly room on earth. Because, upon entering this huge suite of 9,000 square feet, you may feel like you have entered not a hotel, but an artist’s work of art!

Although built over a huge space, it has only two bedrooms, a salt relaxation room, a massage table, a lovely Jacuzzi, a balcony with a lovely swimming pool and 2 bathrooms. Thinking, then how is the cost behind it? Its cost is all in its decoration. The entire suite is furnished with the world’s most luxurious furniture. There are paintings by famous painters. Each glass of wine in the suite’s mini bar costs hundreds of dollars! Floor carpets are also the most expensive in America and Europe. A one-night stay in this exquisite suite costs $100,000!

2.The Royal Penthouse Suite

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Hotel President Wilson Many people like to spend the night in a hotel where a famous person or a star has spent the night. In that case, if you don’t have financial problems, then the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva is for you, where the likes of Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson have spent the night. The natural view that can be enjoyed from the roof of this hotel suite is available in very few hotels in the world. Located across the top floor of the President Wilson Hotel, this penthouse offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

There is also a telescope to look far and wide in the cloudy night sky. This luxury penthouse has a total of 12 bedrooms, each with luxurious marble bathrooms, fitness room, library, bar, large dining room with a grand piano and billiard table. This self-contained penthouse has bulletproof glass windows for security. And if you want to sit inside this bulletproof glass and enjoy the beauty of Lake Geneva safely outside, you have to spend 80 thousand dollars every night!

3.Mark Hotel Penthouse

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The largest penthouse in the United States, the Merck Hotel Penthouse located across from New York’s Central Park is the third most expensive hotel suite in the world. A night in this lovely 10,000 square foot penthouse costs $75,000!

Located on the first 2 floors of the Mark Hotel from above, this penthouse has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 1 library lounge, 1 dining room, 2 powder rooms and 2 bars. There is also a 2,500 square foot rooftop. The ultimate in modern luxury and grandeur, this penthouse was designed by legendary French designer Jacques Grange. A lot of the furniture here is also done in Grange design, which is not usually seen anywhere. Apart from having a wonderful view of the entire city from its rooftop, you can also see the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’ just by looking back.

4.Penthouse Suite


Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez There are many larger penthouses in France than this 300 square foot penthouse located on the 7th floor of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. But no one comes close to it in luxury.

The entire hotel suite is decorated with luxurious furniture and the walls are adorned with paintings by painters like Picasso, Van Gogh and Matisse. This penthouse has 4 bedrooms, marble bathroom, 270 square feet of terraces, a swimming pool, a gym and a beautiful garden. All in all, spending $53,000 per night on this luxurious hotel suite won’t seem like a waste at all.

5.Ty Warner Penthouse

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Four Seasons If you want to see the city of New York from all sides, you should go to the Four Seasons Hotel, which has the largest and highest penthouse in the United States on the 52nd floor.

This 400 square meter hotel suite is named after its owner, Ty Warner, a billionaire businessman. Built at a cost of $50 million, the penthouse offers 360° views of New York City thanks to glass-enclosed balconies and state-of-the-art glass balconies. This penthouse is not for family living. It has a single bedroom with a private spa, 4 glass hanging balconies, huge bathrooms, a private elevator, a lovely Rolls-Royce for traveling around the hotel, and a million-dollar wardrobe, quite possibly the most expensive wardrobe in the world! And so if you want to stay here, you want to spend 50 thousand dollars per night.

6.The Hilltop Villa

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Fiji Hilltop Villas Penthouse located on Fiji’s Laukala Island took the 6th place on the list. This island of Fiji can be called a natural paradise. And the swimming pool built around the penthouse, the narrow streets have increased the beauty of it. Built on 4 acres of land, this huge villa has a penthouse as well as standard hotel rooms.

But the penthouse is unique because of its special features. Designed to accommodate the entire family, the Penthouse is actually a combination of three separate Penthouses. The 3 penthouses named Delena, Dua and Rua are designed in such a way that they all feel like a penthouse within a single complex. Delena is the largest penthouse with two bedrooms, a library, a large swimming pool, fountain and balcony. Both Dua and Rua Penthouses have one bedroom each. Rua also has a small swimming pool. All in all, this suite costs $45,000 per night.

7.The Grand Riad

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Marrakesh The most expensive and royal suite of Marrakesh’s ‘Royal Mansour Luxury Hotel’, named after King Mohammed VI of Morocco, is called ‘The Grand Riad’. Built in Moroccan architecture, this 3-story hotel suite has a total area of ​​1,800 square meters, making it the largest hotel suite in the world. 4 bedrooms, a mini cinema, gym, Moroccan hammam, pool and spacious terrace – all in all, this hotel suite is the best of the best. Located at the rear of the sprawling Royal Mansoor Hotel, this suite is secluded from the main hotel.

This hotel suite is considered to be the most secure and attractive especially for stars. Because the privacy here is more than any hotel in the world. It is believed that more than a hundred international stars have stayed in this hotel, but there is no such list, so much privacy has been given in this suite! It costs $43,500 per night.

8.Penthouse Suite

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Hotel Cala de Vol The most expensive penthouse suite of Italy’s famous hotel ‘Cala di Vol’ is ranked eighth in this list. The main attraction of this 2,700 square foot penthouse suite is its rooftop swimming pool and dining. Enjoying the scenic views of the adjacent Costa Smeralda river will double the fun of dining here. The huge suite has three bedrooms, two swimming pools, a bar, a lovely sundial, jacuzzi, fountain, hanging balcony, fitness room and numerous luxury furnishings. Its rent is $41,000 per night.

9.Royal SuitePlaza Hotel

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The Royal Suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York is designed to accommodate one person. However, this one bedroom suite can host a party of 15/20 guests. For parties there is a lovely bar, a large party room and dining room. There is also a fitness room, library and swimming pool. But its biggest attraction is its single bedroom, which many call the world’s most expensive bedroom. Furnished with luxurious furnishings, this room and its bathroom walls are adorned with stunning 24-carat gold artwork. To stay in this most expensive bedroom in the world, you need to multiply 40 thousand dollars per night.

10.Faena Hotel Penthouse

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Miami beach in USA is already a favorite name for sea lovers. Faena Hotel Penthouse located on the beach is therefore a dream for any sea lover. 5 bedrooms with spacious long balconies and floor to ceiling glass windows make this suite unique. Being close to the sea, it does not have a swimming pool, but it has all the facilities to enjoy the view of the beach to the maximum. Designed by film director Baz Luhrmann and set designer Catherine Martin, this penthouse suite costs $39,000 per night.

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